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Special Appeal May 2021

Two years ago, a member of our village and church community got married. His wife is from Tanzania, but she has not been able to come to the UK because she has been finishing her studies as a teacher. Accordingly, they have been living apart. She has now completed her studies and, after a long wait, been granted a visa, but her travel plans are being further affected by the cost of the hotel stay for Covid-quarantine. The couple are looking to raise £2,000. At time of publishing, £500 of this has been pledged by another church with which he is also associated. This appeal is therefore to raise contributions up to £1,500 so that they can build their marriage and be part of our community together.

If funds raised exceed the total needed, the PCC will retain any excess towards its next Special Appeal. We will publish updates on this page.

Target: £1,500

Raised £1,705!

Last updated 25th May

Thank you so much for your help with this appeal.