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Hunsdon Food Bank and Pantry

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It is a sad fact that poverty is increasing in the UK at the moment, and we recognise that Hunsdon is not immune from the impact of rising prices. In conjunction with the Parish Council and some enthusiastic village residents, the PCC has begun to investigate how we can support those individuals and families within our community who have fallen on hard times. There are two projects: the Food Bank and the Food Pantry.

Food Bank

This is for those who are in serious need and is available now through a new partnership we have entered with the Hertford District Foodbank. Residents should contact our authorised representatives by completing the form below, or by telephoning the number given in the Hunsdon Village News. The confidentiality of all applications will be maintained. (See our Privacy Notice.)

After a referral has been made, the food can be picked up the following day from Hertford (Mon, Wed & Fri) and Ware (Tue and Thu). In extreme circumstances, the Foodbank will deliver. Applicants receive a mixed parcel of foodstuffs which should provide for a minimum of three meals a day for three days along with some fresh vegetables, bread and toiletries. Further applications and referrals may then be made but the general guideline is to provide three food parcels in any six-month period. This may be exceeded in extraordinary circumstances.

House Number / Name plus Street Name

Food Pantry

This is for those who do not feel their need is great enough to access the Food Bank, but who could nonetheless benefit from a little assistance. At present, there are villagers whose allotments and gardens are creating surplus fruit and vegetables, and some of these have positioned boxes of their excess produce by their properties from which anyone is able to take free of charge. Residents, especially those in need, are encouraged to do so.

In time, we hope to have an accessible pantry in the village, open at pre-arranged and published times, where residents can come anonymously either to collect supplies or to donate supplies for those in need. The practicalities of this are currently being discussed. Watch this space for more news.


If you would like to support this work, the easiest way at present is to make donations via the routes suggested on the Hertford District Food Bank website, here: Give Help | Hertford & District Foodbank In time, we may be able to find additional ways of supporting the Food Bank’s work.