Hunsdon Rectory, SG12 8PB
(01920 877276)

Film Club

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

“Films for Thought”

Doors Open at 7pm for Film at 7:30pm

Admission Free*

Light refreshments will be available.

Following the film, we hope viewers will stay behind to discuss some of the film’s themes for half an hour.

* Whilst admission is free, we do ask that people book in advance. This can be done very simply via the website (see below when there’s a film on) or via usual contact through the Rectory. Any donations to cover costs are also gladly received.

Under the terms of our licence, we’re not permitted to advertise on our website which films we’re showing, but we can tell you if you ask us.  The best way (for an immediate response) is to send us an email at

What’s Showing When?

No films at present.
More dates to come…