Hunsdon Rectory, SG12 8PB
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Serving Jesus, Serving Hunsdon

As well as Sunday worship, we meet regularly during the week.  As we aim to “Know Christ and Make Him Known”, we have found that learning more about Jesus and how we can become more like him is easier in small groups of friends.

One hymn-writer wrote, “Seven whole days, not one in seven I will praise Thee.”  It’s important to remember that God deserves our fullest attention (as Jesus said, “all our heart, all our mind, all our soul and all our strength”).  If we fall into the habit of giving just one day a week to God, we’ve missed the point somewhere!  The benefice 7Days programme is designed to support us in our walk with God through the weekdays too.

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In Hunsdon the following gatherings take place regularly. (Click the headings for more information.)

Holy Communion
We used to hold a service of Holy Communion in the St Francis Chapel on Acorn Street every Wednesday morning at 10am. We are thinking how we might restart this.

Parish Prayers
Some of our ladies meet to pray each week in homes in the village.

Growth Groups
We have a small group which meets either in someone’s home in the village or in the St Francis Chapel to learn what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st Century by studying the Bible together and supporting one another grow in their faith.