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Pilgrimage 2024 – The Day After

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

Welcome to the third day of our pilgrimage, and well done for finding the poster!

Today is Holy Tuesday.

In his Gospel, Matthew tells us that Jesus did quite a lot of teaching in Jerusalem. The people asked him lots of questions. Some of them were trying to trap him and get him into trouble. He answered the questions and told stories called parables. Some of these parables were critical of the religious leaders. And they did not like it one bit.

Read what happened in Matthew 26:1-5 (hover over this to read it – or click to open in a new window).

Notice that Jesus knew exactly what the leaders were thinking. He expected he would be crucified at the Passover Festival. Notice, too, what the leaders were planning. They didn’t want to cause a riot, so they planned to get rid of Jesus quietly.

Let’s watch this space to see what happened…


If you could ask Jesus one question, what would it be?

Is this a question trying to trap him, or something you really want to know?

If you are interested in finding out more about this, join the pilgrimage again tomorrow to see what happened next in Jesus’ story and to learn how your story might be different.


Today’s Codeword is “ter”. Add this to the other codewords through the course of the week to unlock a prize.

Tomorrow’s poster will be outside the Village Hall.