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Pilgrimage 2024 – Spy Wednesday

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

Welcome to the fourth day of our pilgrimage, and well done for finding the poster!

Today is Holy Wednesday. Sometimes this is called “Spy Wednesday.” Perhaps you will see why as you read the story…

Yesterday, we saw how Jesus had upset the religious leaders. They weren’t the only ones he would upset. Some people loved him, but others were very disappointed with him for not doing what they thought he should. Read what happened in Matthew 26:6-16 (hover over this to read it – or click to open in a new window).

The woman makes an extravagant show of affection. The perfume was expensive, but she pours it freely over Jesus. The disciples are quick to criticise her for being wasteful but Jesus strongly defends her. As he does so, he talks again about his death.

This is clearly too much for Judas, so he sneaks off and agrees to betray Jesus. From the moment the thirty pieces of silver were handed to him by the religious leaders, he starts to spy out opportunities to hand Jesus to them.


Jesus seems convinced he was going to die but made no attempt to avoid it. Judas seems to have been troubled by this. Do you think Jesus could have done more good if he had stayed alive?

What do you think Jesus thought his death would accomplish?

Join the pilgrimage again tomorrow to see what happened next in Jesus’ story and to learn how your story might be different.


Today’s Codeword is “:”. Add this to the other codewords through the course of the week to unlock a prize.

Tomorrow’s poster will be outside the Post Office.