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St Dunstan’s Day

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

Dunstan was Archbishop of Canterbury at the end of the 10th century (having served in a number of other senior clerical roles along the way). He was an advisor to eight kings, starting with Aethelstan, the first “King of All England” and grandson of Alfred the Great. Some have suggested that British culture has been shaped by the 10th century, and that Dunstan, more than anyone else, shaped the 10th century. He died on 19th May 1029, and was canonised (declared to be a Saint) shortly afterwards.

In our evangelical tradition, we don’t go in for the Saints in the same way that Christians of other persuasions do. Nevertheless, because our church is named after him, when St Dunstan’s Day falls on a Sunday, we do mark it in a special way. We like to get the bell ringers out (Dunstan is the Patron Saint of bellringers) and to celebrate the commendable attributes of his life and ministry – particularly that he reformed the monasteries (getting rid of corruption in the church), and worked hard to bring the people of England back towards a devotion to Christ.

Join us on 19th May to celebrate the carpenter, Jesus, who was the saviour of the blacksmith, Dunstan.