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An Easter Journey

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

An Easter Journey

My article at the front of the March edition of the Hunsdon Village News speaks about journeys, and how we might learn to see them not merely as wasted time between important appointments but as valuable in their own right.  In years gone by, people often used to undertake long journeys to sites of special religious interest, knowing that the journey itself would bring transformation.  (And some still do.) Of course, the goal was to reach the destination and to celebrate and worship with others when they got there, but the journeys themselves were often the source of great learning, joy and change.  They were called Pilgrimages, and the people who went on them were called Pilgrims.

This year, Hunsdon Church is offering a form of Pilgrimage through Holy Week.  Each day, starting on Palm Sunday (24th March), a poster bearing the Hunsdon Church logo and a QR code will be placed somewhere in the village.  The idea is that pilgrims (anyone who wants to be involved) can hunt for the poster, then point their smartphone camera at the QR code to find a webpage (on this Hunsdon Church site) which tells a little bit of the Easter story, offers a prayer or reflection suitable for all ages and gives a clue about the location of the next day’s poster.

Pilgrims who journey through the whole week and who can answer a simple question based on each of the different day’s activities will receive a special Easter prize.

We hope you will join us on our Easter journey.  We invite adults to register (simply by giving us your name and email address) so that we have some indication of how many Easter prizes we might need to arrange for you and your children! We will keep your personal data safe. Our Privacy Policy is here.

We will ONLY use this to contact you in relation to the Easter Journey
We recognise that parents or guardians may wish to register for more than one child as well as themselves. Please put the total here so we can get the right number of prizes.