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War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine

We have all been shocked by the terrible news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the appalling suffering being inflicted upon the people there. It has been wonderful to see generosity in action as members of our community have rallied round to send much needed goods to those affected, courtesy of those with transport links and knowhow. You may like to know that one of the village church’s partner organisations, “TEARfund”, is one of the member charities of the Disasters Emergency Committee. We encourage you, if you have the means to do so, to donate through them. They are well connected with agencies “on the ground”.

I am also encouraging prayer. If you use the Prayermate App, you can download a short selection of relevant prayer items to add into your daily prayer routine (provided by another Christian charity). There is no doubt that the war will have ongoing effects for us all as utility prices are affected, global wheat and barley supplies are restricted and the whole world watches with bated breath. Please do commit the wider implications of this war to God in prayer, too.

Vigil for Ukraine

This Sunday, 13th March, we are holding a vigil at the Hunsdon War Memorial at 6:30pm. All are welcome.

I will lead some short prayers, there will be some silence, and there will be an opportunity to leave a memorial of our solidarity with the suffering citizens of Ukraine.

I encourage you to attend.