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Restarting Parish Prayers

Knowing Christ and Making Him Known

Restarting Parish Prayers

Our meetings for Parish Prayers were amongst the ministries interrupted by the Covid pandemic. After an initial re-start faltered because of changing personal circumstances amongst a significant number of the most regular attendees, we have re-imagined how this ministry can begin again. We have concluded that a short, focussed, weekly time of prayer in which members meet over an online link is the way forward.

The new online gathering will be starting on Monday 23rd October at 7:30pm. Each session will last just 30 minutes and will include a short reading, worship and thanks to God followed by individual prayers. It is expected that the focus of the prayers will be upon the church’s ministry and mission in the village, the life of the village generally and the individual requests of the members. If you would like to join, please contact the church office via this form and we will ensure you get an invitation (choose “hello” from the drop down menu of recipients).

The group also plans to use the Prayermate App to enable prayer needs to be shared, updated and brought to God through the course of the week. This will be explained in the first meeting and a link to join this group will be sent subsequently to members. In readiness for this, we recommend you download the Prayermate App (free) to your phone or tablet from the Google Play store or the Apple Store by visiting this link. If you want to know more about the app and how to use it, visit the website here: PrayerMate – Christian Prayer App.